Happy Father’s Day! {Photography by Sabreena – Michigan Photographer}

I will be leaving out of town for 3 days today, but wanted to take a moment to say “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY” to all the dads out there.

I think we often take for granted how important dads are in our lives. I want to give a special thanks to my husband for being such a great father to our girls. I have especially seen him grow this past year as a father. WIth his growth and understanding in his faith, so has he grown in patience and understanding that kids will be kids. I loved my husband 10 fold when I married him….I love him 100 fold now that I see him as such a loving, caring, and conscious father.

(EDITED TO ADD: This was supposed to have posted on Sunday before I left…but didn’t. I will post photos from vacation soon!)

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