Sister Love ♥ {Photography by Sabreena – Family Photographer; Howell, Michigan}

I have found myself getting weighed down in the trials and tribulations of everyday life. I pride myself on being a very positive upbeat person. In my past life as an Occupational Therapy assistant, working in the field of brain injury rehab, I would often be told; “No matter how crazy days get, you are always seen with a smile on your face”. Well, the last couple days have brought many trials and I would bet my kids have been hard pressed for find a smile on my face.

So I took a deep breath and took a step back. I took the girls out for some fun and snuck in some photos while I was at it. I love capturing photos of other people and their families, but often find it difficult to capture my own family. So to my amazement, when I was able to capture this photo I almost broke out in tears. It is amazing how a photograph can affect you so deeply!
I recently had a mother of 3 who I did newborn photos for send me a text message. She said, “Oh my goodness!!! I just got the chance to look at it (the gallery) and its beautiful. I am in tears. Thank you so much. How will I every choose?”

I now understand this feeling of seeing photographs and being completely taken away by them! I love my job…I love my girls…

even with all the ups and downs of life….

I am truly blessed!


Thanks for letting me share and ramble 😉

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