First Day of Kindergarten

I hear it all the time from parents “They grow up so fast! Cherish every moment with them.” I hear this especially from the parents of High School Seniors. It is so good for me to hear this over and over, because today it hit me very hard. THEY DO GROW UP SO FAST! 🙁

My oldest started her first day of kindergarten today. It was so very bittersweet. She was ready and she confidently told me, “Mom, I am going to make so many new friends!” I didn’t think it would be as hard as it was, because she has attended preschool for the last two years. However, it hit me, as I was leaving the school, what a big girl she is now and how she is not technically my baby any more. Yes, I cried on the way home! I was proud that I held it together, though, until I was in the car 🙂

I am getting a little tearful again thinking about it so I will just post the 2 photos I took this morning before we left for school…


In the car…


Love you baby girl! ♥

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