Beautiful Glow {Photography by Sabreena; Michigan Maternity and Newborn Photographer}


I have had several people telling me that they have noticed my “blogging” slowing down and that they are none to happy about it (which is a HUGE compliment – Thank you to those people, you know who you are). Sometimes it is hard to get motivated to sit down at the computer and think of something to say, when you aren’t sure if anyone really reads it anyway *wink, wink*; Not to mention I am about neck deep in tax preparations – YUCK!

I feel like I finally have some exciting things to post about though so look for those coming soon.

To kick things off right I want to share my most recent session:

I was so excited to meet this wonderful couple and their sweet bloodhound, Lucy! I love photographing pregnant couples even more then engagement couples; Their love has tripled with the miracle of a new life. (Just a warning, there is going to be a bit of image overload…I had WAY too many favorites from this session!)

Last but not least, their first baby – Lucy:

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