The little things… {Michigan Children and Family Photographer; Photography by Sabreena}

So, it goes without saying that these are tough times. I think we needed these tough times though and even though it is often hard to see the “bigger picture”, I think that in the end we are heading to a better place in our lives.

We have been pinching pennies in our family, just as many of you are. I have taken a coupon class from a church friend of mine and have been getting excited to see how much I can save with each shopping trip. I have cut my monthly grocery bill by 50%…that is HUGE!

We have also been finding other ways to save money, such as not eating out. This has resulted in skinnier waste lines as well as a great time to do a family devotional after each meal. What a great way to get more quality time with the family!

In all of this cutting back I have come to realize how important the little things in life are. It makes me realize how important photographs are in my life as well. I have been taking time to preserve some of my grandfather’s photos from World War II and have been teaching my girls a bit of history in the process.

Then I realized, my girls are MY history. I am a mom! Some day my grandchildren will be looking at photos of me and my children and reminiscing about the “good old days”.

This is why I feel so passionately about my work. I am taking portraits of your children, family, and loved ones and turning them into art. I am preserving this time in your lives to remember for all time.

I know these are tough times, however, I know how precious your portraits are. I would like to offer a special discount for anyone who booked and ordered portraits from a session in 2009. If you had a session in 2009 and have already placed at least one order from that session, then you can receive 25% off any additional reprints ordered between February and May 2010.

And because I can not have a post without photos, here are some portraits of my neighbor’s beautiful children:

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