Reaching Goals {Photography by Sabreena – Michigan Children’s Portrait Photographer}

I don’t know if there is any better feeling then reaching a goal set for yourself. A while back I shared that I have been on a weight loss journey. To be honest it has turned into a “more healthy living” journey. I have learned it is not just about being the size I want to be, it is about being healthy. I am proud to say that I have dropped 2 sizes. When I started out I was a size 12 and I am now a size 8! It is an amazing feeling and something that I had given up on figuring “After you have kids it is just to hard to (1) lose weight (2) find time to exercise & (3) I thought it was too expensive to eat healthy”. Boy was I wrong on all 3 accounts and I am so glad I was!

Something else I have learned on the journey to a more healthy life style is about all the additives in the food we eat. Yes I knew they were there, but I really was clueless to how they can effect us and more importantly our children. More specifically, I have been learning a lot about dyes in our food. My 7 year old daughter has been having these episodes where she would just cry for no reason. We would say, “Oh, she is just sensitive. Maybe she is hitting the emotional roller coaster of pre-puberty early. Oh, it is just  because she is a girl.” Then things started to click for me. A friend of mine has a son who is extremely sensitive to red dye and it takes him 3 days to detox from it. He goes through hyper-activity, anger, rage, then finally the crying – all the while he can identify that he is out of control, but does not have anyway to reign himself in. Wouldn’t that be a horrible feeling?!?!

I am lucky in the fact that my daughter just goes through the uncontrollable crying and that it passes through her system fairly quickly. So how did I piece this all together? If she has something with red dye in it, it is almost 2 hours after (on the dot most of the time) that she will start crying. We have been educating her on this and she actually turned down a cupcake at school yesterday because it had red sprinkles (a very proud Mama moment). At first she was in denial, especially when thinking off all the foods she would not be able to eat. Now she is realizing that she would rather be in control of her emotions then eat that unhealthy food.

The subject of dyes in our foods is a very controversial subject. Not many doctors out there will even consider this and instead are more quick to label it as hyper-activity or ADHD. So what foods have Red Dye in it you may ask…because that was my first question. Foods that you would normally think of that are red, like M&M’s, cake sprinkles, frostings. However, it is also in foods like Pillsbury Cresent rolls, Macaroni & Cheese, Chocolate, Chocolate Cake Mixes, Yogurts, Juices, and so many more.

I will get off my soap box now, but I just find it so interesting everything I am learning and love to share. After all, if my friend hadn’t shared the struggles she was going through with her son, I may have never put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Finally, I would like to wrap up the post with some portraits of 2 beautiful girls. I have been photographing this family for a long time now and love that we have become friends through the years. Thank you “B” family for being such a big supporter of Photography by Sabreena and I am so excited to see your family continue to grow through the years!



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